A fresh look for Instore

Posted 15 Thu Oct

Instore is adopting a fresh look, with a new website that showcases the full range of our services; Field Marketing, Field Sales and Auditing. Our new branding also links us more closely to our parent company Smiths News and their expertise in supply chain logistics. The changes are part of a forward-looking strategy that reflects our ambition to grow in partnership with our customers.

In what’s been a uniquely challenging year, we’ve used some of the quiet time to review our strategy and reflect on what’s most important to our partners. The new website explains the services we’ve developed and how we’re growing and evolving to meet demand. To our core of retail merchandising, we’ve added field sales and auditing services – all of which means we have a wider range of offers than ever before.

The change has been driven by the growth we’ve seen ourselves and within the partnership with our clients. As we’ve grown and adapted our offering we thought it was time to showcase to the world the additional services we can offer. It’s was also an important step to align with our parent company Smiths News, showing not only the logistical links we have but also the values and ethos we share.

Mike Frost, Managing Director at Instore, comments, “I’m delighted with the rebrand and the launch of the new website, our personality was previously hidden and it’s our personality which is a big part of what makes Instore work, so it’s great to see our people at the forefront of our digital space.”

Only recently, one of our clients described Instore as ‘the industry’s best-kept secret’. With our new website in place, we’re looking to change that – sharing and showcasing what we do with suppliers and retailers across the UK. We’re looking forward to taking on new business, working with customers old and new, and to the next chapter of our story.

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