Instore works with retailers, suppliers and publishers to ensure first class execution and maximum return on investment.

The business consists of three main services:

• Field Marketing
• Supply Chain Auditing
• Self Compliance

Instore is part of the Connect News & Media division of Connect Group and evolved through the specialist merchandising and field marketing needs of both retailers and publishers to become an outward facing autonomous company.

We have grown from being a specialist within the news and magazines category, into offering a wider portfolio of core categories including entertainment, games, books and stationery, fresh produce and impulse purchases such as, lottery and mobile communication networks. We offer a range of services and can develop contract, tactical or rapid response teams to meet any requirement.

Our expertise and reputation for high service standards has been recognised by numerous clients who have in turn extended their service through us, as well as recommending us to others.

With experienced staff based throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, supported by a structure of regionally based field managers, we can tailor our services.
Recently, we have introduced a new supply chain auditing service. Working alongside retailer and suppliers providing a range of supply chain, inventory and auditing services.

We have also launched a self-compliance technology solution called ‘Whats In Store’, which enables independent retailers to share live information and photos with their suppliers. Offering potential clients a view into the independent sector of retailers gaining a valuable insight into a market that is normally difficult and costly to access.

How can we support you?

Our service offers have been designed to give the client flexibility and cost effective solutions. Click into our pages below to see what we can do for your business.