Beth Lafferty

Account Support Executive

Hi, I’m Beth Lafferty, and I’ve been with Instore since August 2013, working as an Account Support Executive. My role revolves around managing three key clients, providing them with a comprehensive service from start to finish, which includes tailored surveys, reports, and dashboards.

Additionally, I work collaboratively with Account Managers daily which ensures that all client needs are met, and KPIs are achieved. Currently, I’m enjoying my secondment, where I support two coordinators in their roles, guiding them through their responsibilities and helping them to excel.


What is it like to work for Instore?

Working at Instore is a dynamic experience. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for learning, constantly improving my performance. Whether it’s adapting to new client requirements or finding innovative solutions to complex problems, I thrive on the variety and excitement that comes with the job.


Tell us about your career path?

Before Instore, I had a diverse career path. I started as a Nursery Nurse and eventually became the manager of two nursery settings and two after-school clubs, overseeing a team of over 20 staff members. Seeking change before my 30th birthday, I ventured into the dental field before eventually landing in my role as a Brand Ambassador.

My journey at Instore began with a three-month contract to support the launch of Rascal, following my redundancy as a Brand Ambassador working with gift cards. Since then, I’ve moved through various roles within the company, including payroll, merchandising, coordination, and now, account management.

My varied background has equipped me with a breadth of experience and a versatile skill set that allows me to thrive in any environment.

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