Dawn Addis

Senior HR and Payroll Coordinator

I started my career at Instore Field Marketing in June 2005 as a payroll coordinator, working closely with the coordination and account teams. The support from my manager and the field merchandisers ensured that I quickly built up a good relationship which helped me settle in quickly. I was also responsible for Purchase Ledger and Revenue.

I am still employed in the job I love, looking after a workforce of 300+ weekly and monthly paid employees, looking after payroll and expenses, ensuring that everyone coming to work is paid correctly. That’s what we all work for isn’t it?

My Job title is now Senior Payroll & HR Coordinator and I focus on anything that isn’t coordination based.

I am part of a team looking after new starters, ensuring that all information is received and completed ready for their first day in the field.

My work is deadline driven, which has its rewards. Would I choose anything else? No, never.

I am part of the Colleague Consultation Team looking after the interests of all at Instore. There is always someone to talk to or ask for advice.

When not working, I enjoy travelling around the racecourses in England and the Republic of Ireland and watching golf at Wentworth.

Drawing on years of experience we can offer campaign advice and supply competitive quotes. Whatever your enquiry you’re guaranteed a quick and professional response.