Stuart Birch

Systems Developer

I have worked at Instore for 19 years and enjoy the specialist nature of my role. As Instore grows in different directions, I continue to grow and develop as well.

Tell us about your job

As a Systems Developer, I focus on setting up and maintaining reports to meet key client requirements, capacity planning for our merchandising team, and training. I collaborate with our main service provider, Teletrack, to develop and test new, efficient work methods based on business needs. I handle all technical enquiries and enjoy evaluating new opportunities to future proof Instore’s needs.

What is it like to work for Instore?

Working for  Instore is a truly welcoming experience. I feel accepted for who I am and have never felt judged. They’ve nurtured my confidence over the years. The management team and colleagues collaborate with respect and openness, valuing everyone’s opinions and ideas.

Tell us about your career path

After completing my A Levels at Hereford College, I had two paths in mind: pursue a computer programming degree at university or secure a workplace apprenticeship in computer programming. I opted for the latter and landed a general IT apprenticeship at European Aviation in Ledbury, where I spent one day at college and four days in a working environment, favouring a hands-on learning approach.

Initially, I worked in a general IT role but aimed for a more specialised position. After changes in the job market post-9/11, I transitioned to Instore as a Junior Coordinator for Total Home Entertainment Books at Sainsbury’s, where I delved into data analysis and reporting.

After 18 months, I was promoted to an exclusive IT coordinator role at Instore, working with Morrisons and Asda. Over the years, my role has evolved, and I now engage in more complex activities, closely collaborating with our main service provider, Teletrack, with whom I have a strong relationship.

What do you do in your downtime?

I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi, especially Marvel. I love binge-watching movies and series. Outside of that, I enjoy raves and DJing in my bedroom. I am also a Spurs supporter however; I enjoy watching any football game. 😊

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