Bringing Bonraw Back on Brand

Instore was called upon to investigate the reasons Bonraw natural sweeteners – a new product listing in Waitrose – had not seen expected levels of sales uplift.

The client requested that merchandising activity should be examined, focusing on shelf edge labels, merchandising heights, locations, set up and products on shelves. Where appropriate, products should be re-merchandised.

Stock on hand figures was also needed to help gauge the total believed stock in store and training was required for store colleagues so that they understood the importance of brand, mission, compliance and maintenance.

Bonraw merchandising and compliance checks

Bringing Bonraw Back on Brand

Bonraw Merchandising and Compliance Check Results

After checking the merchandising of the Bonraw brand across multiple stores, we discovered that 21 of them had incorrect shelf edge labels, which we subsequently replaced. Corrective action was taken across 17 stores, which had not merchandised the products at all.

We addressed visual merchandising problems found in 7% of stores and took the same corrective action at 11% of stores, which had merchandised products displayed at too high a level for purchase.

We arranged for 64 cases to be merchandised and corrected 27 instances of stock on hand figures.

Bonraw Merchandising checks
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