Greetings cards merchandising

IG Design Group is the world’s largest provider of celebrations products, including greetings cards, gift wrap, Christmas crackers, giftbags and partyware.

IG Design Group increased their sales by 25% through a successful launch into the greeting’s card sector across multiple retail stores. After introducing this launch to our merchandisers through a survey via Teletrack, we discovered that more than 80% of them have already worked with greeting cards, and the results showed that it was a preferred sector to work in.

Key Objectives

1. Drive sales for the brand launching into a new category across retail stores.

2. Ensure smooth running of the Instore onboarding process.

3. Closely manage the TUPE transfer operation in a professional and empathetic manner.

4. Deliver the footprints seamlessly and on time.


A key challenge encountered throughout the process was taking on the launch of the Christmas seasonal range, which was due to a delay in shipments from the previous provider. However, we reacted to this instantly with short notice, ensuring the team was briefed immediately, and we launched on time with no issues across 650 stores along with our other footprints.


The schedule of site visits was plugged into our planning and booking matrix to match locations with merchandisers and plan the most effective routes for them. We were able to meet key deadlines for our client and ensure that they were well informed throughout the process. Adapting our methods of communicating to the client has been key – we have utilised our in-house central teams to field queries from the merchandisers, instead of going directly to the client’s head office – saving time and resources.


We achieved an average 98% visit compliance every week.

Our self-service reporting methods found that 50% of stores had the incorrect time allocated from the previous merchandising provider, and through our productivity improvements 25% of time was reduced.

Our customer has received an 8% reduction in costs across the board since moving to Instore. Additionally, their sales have increased by 25% since working with us.


We have worked with Instore for a number of years and the service level that they provide is extremely high. We are so pleased that they have now taken sole responsibility of our merchandising needs as this will now allow us to improve on our operation efficiencies and ways of working.

Drawing on years of experience we can offer campaign advice and supply competitive quotes. Whatever your enquiry you’re guaranteed a quick and professional response.