IG Design and Aldi – Bringing Greetings Cards In-store

Aldi’s customer promise is founded on good quality and even greater value. With more limited space than larger supermarkets their ranges must be carefully chosen and displayed to offer a choice of key lines without the plethora of options that can dilute the focus on value.

With this in mind, we worked with IG Design, a leading supplier of greetings cards and Aldi to successfully implement an offering of greetings cards within their stores. We were delighted to be selected as their field marketing partner to deliver this range. Our field marketers have ensured Aldi’s key focus of speed and easy selection was prevalent when merchandising the greetings cards.

Stores are also busy and bustling, so categories must be simple to navigate – helping customers make quick selections, sure in the knowledge that quality is assured.

Greetings cards can be a complex category for both the retailer and the customer. Any offer needed to simplify this, so that in-store display units are easy-to-manage, and are an easy-to-shop experience. It must take the hard work out of the process and stay resolutely focused on delivering the founding objectives of good quality and even greater value.

Partnering with IG Design a leading UK supplier of greetings cards we supported an in-store solution that from start to finish was intended to be simple and effective.

An attractive display unit would carry around 80 designs covering key categories such as birthday and anniversaries but with room for seasonal specials like Mother’s Day or Easter. Clear signage and a single price of 99p would make it easy to shop with a range of quality designs that offered obvious value for the discount price.

Initial set up required in-store merchandising and staff training to ensure regular replenishment and awareness of individual categories. The display unit was designed to make restocking easy with planograms that were simple to follow and easy to reference to the unit.

Follow up visits from Instore colleagues include stock counts and the capturing of information on those lines that were selling through and which were less popular. We update any training for the colleagues at Aldi and inform them of upcoming promotions.

In just over 18 months we’ve launched 300 sites and opened a further 50 new ones; we’ve also run several pricing and range trails and provided feedback on practical issues in a spirit of continual improvement to the three-way partnership.  Stock issues, for example, can be an issue, especially if there is an unexpected rush at certain locations – we, therefore, build in the flexibility to act quickly and replenish where needed, fitting in with the Aldi ways of working, and minimising any gaps in the valuable display space

Keeping it simple and effective is the motto we’ve kept in mind throughout. From supplier to consumer the focus is on ease of the process, optimum choice and fantastic value. And in stripping back complexity we’ve learned that in this case at least, less is definitely more.

And the results clearly demonstrate that together, we’re getting it right … Weekly sales have continued to increase week in and week out with some stores selling out quicker than we can replenish. Aldi has been hugely complimentary of the range but more importantly the straight forward displays that are manageable in between our visits by store colleagues. Of course, the demand to increase merchandiser visits is more than ever as there is a direct correlation between visits and sales uplifts.

From January 2021 we will initiate a trial with a group of stores from each Aldi region increasing visit frequency to monthly and fortnightly – if sales increases are apparent as expected this will undoubtedly mean evermore support from Instore merchandisers.

Overall a true example that traditional field marketing works wonders for key in-store categories no matter what the retailer is.

Aldi - Greeting Cards - Instore Merchandising
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