Supporting Glanbia Category Launch

Glanbia is a leading innovation and solutions partner to the global food and nutrition industry. Their products are sold in over 130 countries and they are based in 31 countries. Our involvement was pivotal in facilitating the category launch and in innovating the management structure and service offerings to cater to Glanbia’s growing requirements.

Key Objectives

1. Sales strategy development

Formulate a plan to support the introduction of Glanbia’s product category and ensure its integration into the market.

2. Hire dedicated team

Hire a dedicated field team which can execute the sales strategy effectively and manage the roll out of the category.

3. Service expansion

Extend the range of services offered to encompass the brand’s gym field team employment, sampling events and distribution activity.


A key challenge we found was understanding the needs and timelines of Glanbia to plan our strategy for the new category launch. Additionally, we had a short timeline to set up a new management structure for this new route to market strategy.


We provided training for the newly recruited field team and existing staff to enable them to excel within this category. Additionally, we developed a long-term sales strategy that aligned with Glanbia’s objectives and incorporated a new sales training tool and specialised service category.

We fostered strong relationships with Glanbia to gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements and preferences, enabling us to customise our strategy for them.


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We made this new service category a central part of Glanbia’s offerings, allowing them to broaden their range of services.

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By interacting with the public through product demos and sampling events in the UK, we raised awareness and educated people about Glanbia’s brand.

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Glanbia’s product successfully secured listings across UK high street stores, grocery retailers leading to expanded market reach.

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We’ve contributed to Glanbia’s growth by adding two more services: employing the brand’s gym field team and distributing products to gyms.

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