Tactical Field Marketing Campaign For Graze

Graze had seen significant growth over the years since their launch and had focused heavily on retail for 3 years.

This approach made them a leading brand in their category within multiple retailers, but they had compliance and rate of sale challenges in a number of leading high street stores.

Instore was called upon to investigate and provide a solution to help resolve the issues identified and to increase sales.

To understand the landscape and to ensure maximum ROI was achieved a trial was undertaken in London to understand the reasons behind low compliance, fix issues in store, educate stores on the brand and grow incremental space outside of the category.


Providing a tactical campaign for Graze

Our objectives

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Fix compliance in store on an immediate short term basis but ensure compliance is maintained through accurate stock figure interventions and brand importance education

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Drive incremental space opportunities

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Creating case study scenarios for new selling location opportunities

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Drive sales to understand impact that could be rolled out on a national level

Our field marketing and sales strategy was centred around calling on the top London stores to understand compliance and in-stock position.

We built relationships with all key stakeholders from day one by understanding their stores, their trading patterns, their staffing patterns, their issues and concerns. We offered support in terms of visual merchandising, inventory management, ongoing maintenance and legal checks to enhance their trust and create a perfect store scenario that they could use to showcase to employees and buyers.

We also identified that the most efficient way to drive all the objectives was to help the stores manage their inventories and order demand levels. By gaining their trust through mutually beneficial ideas we managed to get to a point where we were managing these ourselves internally with the agreement of the store management.

Field Marketing for Graze

This enabled us to agree on secondary locations in-store across all formats through bespoke merchandising solutions.

We targeted impulse sales areas such as news and magazine fixtures, food to go areas, self-scan tills and INQ systems.

We followed up with weekly/twice weekly maintenance visits to ensure compliance was being achieved, training store staff on the plans for long term maintenance, and highlighting the importance of stock inventory checks, and replacing displays where necessary after initial placement. We planned our initial visits over 2 days and have maintained this throughout the growing estate we are now working within. Within 45 minutes we built and placed the unit at the queuing point by the tills. Subsequently, we visited every month to replenish and maintain the units.

It worked because we were clear on what needed to be delivered, trusted in the space-saving design and took time to educate store colleagues.

Instore work with Graze on a tactical campaign

Our achievements

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116 Free-Standing Display Units placed

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28 Counter Top Unit displays

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104 clipstrips placed

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153 parasite units placed

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6 additional displays not classified

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3,500 cases ordered through additional volume orders

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Stock inventory correction

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Stock order forecasting change

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20% sales uplift across 48 stores adding an additional RSV of £90,000

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