What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a type of marketing where brands use a variety of strategies to engage face-to-face with potential buyers and put their products in front of consumers in targeted locations, such as retail outlets – all with a view to promoting brand awareness, increasing sales and encouraging lead generation. Usually carried out by a team of expert marketers, just like the one here at Instore, field marketing is a proven and highly cost effective way to connect with your consumers directly and to receive valuable insights into their attitudes and preferences.

What are the different types of Field Marketing?

Field marketing covers a broad range of activities, all of which Instore can help you with, including: product launches, store training, brand awareness, POS placement, range implementation and seasonal displays. In addition, Instore’s highly-skilled and experienced team of field marketers offers a supply chain, inventory and auditing service (proven to ultimately increase profitability), and they can also help you to actively sell your products in the field for immediate results – all the while providing you with real-time accurate data about your campaigns and sales. Get in touch with the team today to find out we can help place your products at the heart of retailers across the UK.

How do you monitor the success of Field Marketing campaigns?

Testing and measuring are key components of a successful field marketing strategy – not only to provide a return on investment for clients, but also to help you look in depth at the latest campaign to consider how the next one might be even better.

With so many metrics available, it’s important to clearly set out targets and how you’re going to monitor the performance of the experiential marketing campaigns. Here at Instore, we monitor the performance in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we look back at the original agreement with our client, to find out if we have met the KPIs set for us and if we have delivered on the clients’ overall objectives for the activity. We then explore further and look at the feedback we’ve received from both the client and the consumer, asking if it is positive or not.

Next, we take a step back and look at whether the overall brand is in a better place than before the campaign started – this could be both in the short term and in the long term. For example, sometimes we’re asked to help fix a supply issue in store, which has been caused by the store’s lack of maintenance to ensure a certain product is on sale. In this instance, the Instore team would work with store staff to understand the root cause of the problem, then go in and fix the issue. Not only does this provide immediate benefits in the short term, but it also drives long-term benefits for brands as their products stay on the shelf more consistently.


Finally, we explore what went well with the campaign and what we could do differently in the future. For instance, it would be rare for a field marketing campaign not to experience one or two issues at some point – most notably these issues arise in the first day of a new activity. By looking at how quickly we dealt with these, and communicated with both the client and field, we can review our processes internally and help to drive future positive client experience.

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is the process by which you bring your brand to life so the customer or consumer sees you and recognises you. Essentially, it’s all about increasing awareness and engagement through some kind of brand experience.


At Instore, we can help you to create this brand experience, though a variety of different activities such as merchandising, POS placement, promotional siting, sampling, leafleting, new distribution points, and distribution compliance checks. This will help you to turn up the dial on consumer interaction with your product or brand.

How can utilising Instore’s Field Sales Teams increase sales for your business?

We have a unique knowledge of the independent convenience sector and across 55% of the country we have a common ally – Smiths News.


Depending on the offer that you take with us, you can choose to utilise this connection to achieve results, and buy into our distribution model too. This helps you to cut through a lot of margin expectations, allowing retailers to benefit more from better deals and better margins.


Here at Instore, we have a wide range of field sales experience, and we’re able to offer our clients bespoke field sales solutions. For example, some brands may just want a direct push, while others might want a quick sale and to move on. Some brands will want longer-term distribution points and the others will want a bespoke order through their wholesaler (this is called transfer orders). We pride ourselves on the fact that we look at each client differently, evaluating their individual needs, and inevitably, we deliver results beyond clients’ expectations.


We try to activate tailored field marketing campaigns not only to ensure sales and distribution points growth, but also to increase education and engagement – all the while looking to lower costs by working in new, innovative ways to maximise your return on investment.

How important is it to utilise face-to-face selling to raise field sales efforts?

Face-to-face selling is key in the independent convenience sector. As the well-worn sales phrase goes: ‘people buy people’… and this is still true. At Instore, we have a team of individuals who have a long-standing history with their clients and have earned their trust. However, our team is also greatly experienced at working with new faces and delivering high quality results for them too. This is because our training is all based around the idea of ‘people buying people’, so the team knows the value of taking the time to develop a key rapport with our clients.


It’s important to remember that independent storeowners are different to a store with multiple managers. These independent storeowners don’t always have a guaranteed monthly wage coming in and don’t know what one day to the next will bring, however, on the flip side, the rewards for these owners can often be greater. They are always astute business people and therefore it is essential that they trust the person selling to them to ensure they aren’t buying a bad product that won’t move.

Drawing on years of experience we can offer campaign advice and supply competitive quotes. Whatever your enquiry you’re guaranteed a quick and professional response.