The key to our success is our people and it is important for us that our team feels part of the overall business.  We employ all of our staff enabling them to feel valued and enjoy the benefits of working for a large organisation.

Client relationships

The team have territories or dedicated areas of work, enabling them to build strong ongoing relationships in their work environment. Visiting the same stores regularly, our field team really get to know their stores and key people within them.  Consequently, the stores get to see the same face on a regular basis, ultimately knowing who to direct queries to. Real engagement drives value!

Training and auditing

We provide all staff with a full induction.  Merchandisers are met face to face and trained on a 1:1 basis and provided with comprehensive training manuals.

We conduct ongoing audits and accompaniments, utlilising our systems to record actions and progress for continuous improvement.


Our central Field Support Centre is dedicated to communicating with merchandisers in the field. By providing handheld technology to all staff we ensure we have a constant two-way dialogue and a robust solution to capture data. 

We make our field teams’ workload as efficient as possible, supported with cutting edge territory planning and activity allocation, meaning they spend their days in store on actions that maximize return on investment for you, first time every time.

Our client coordination team set up bespoke surveys by activity, using intelligent questioning to ensure that we are capturing the right information. 


With a dynamic management structure in place we are able to implement contingency plans at short notice. Internal management control systems and a live activity reporting suite allow us to track progress, to ensure that we meet agreed KPI’s.