With our specialist knowledge born out of many years within news & magazine wholesaling, supported with supply chain excellence, Instore now applies the same expertise across a wide spectrum of channels. Driving your return on investment is at the core of everything we do for our client partners.

We are unique in offering regular and extensive coverage across all UK Retail Channels including:

  • Grocery
  • High Street
  • Discounters
  • Convenience Retailers - both Symbols and Unaffiliated Independent Retailers
  • Garden Centres
  • Travel - Airports, Railway Stations and Motorway Service Areas.

Service offers

We provide tactical or dedicated contractual field marketing solutions. Our merchandisers are multi-skilled, driving your return on investment by executing a variety of activities in stores:

  • NPD / Product launch – locating and setting up new or promoted stock lines.
  • Product briefing / Store Staff Training – ensure you get your message across.
  • POS placement – achieve greater compliance, let us ‘walk in’ new POS for placement on displays and fixtures (POS production options available).
  • Seasonal display units – walk in and set up new display units, locate and fill with your brand.
  • Promotion compliance – is your brand displayed as you expected and available?
  • Corrective action – we don’t just capture what is wrong, we can fix it too.
  • Range implementation – need a new range of products displayed, or displayed to a new planogram? We have extensive experience in conducting successful range implementations.
  • Fixture audits – we know fixtures often change, let us keep you informed.
  • Returns processing and management – Let us process the stock you need back.
  • Stock availability – we can bypass central retailer stock systems to check stock and order levels at store.
  • Service visits – regular visibility to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Legal compliance – are certificates up to date, is correct signage being used? We can provide online photo galleries showing you exactly what’s in place.

All our services are underpinned by a bespoke cutting-edge reporting solution, which allows us to  provide you with real time data in dashboard format, accessible on any device. Click into reporting to read in depth how we deliver this.