With our specialist knowledge, borne out of many years within news & magazine wholesaling, and supply chain excellence, Instore applies expertise across a wide spectrum of auditing disciplines.

Service offers

Working with all parties within the supply chain, our audits are proven to drive benefits and ultimately increase profitability. We can check all elements of the supply chain from supplier deliveries and receiver check accuracy, measuring the performance of in-house and outsourced teams, through to outbound pick accuracy and direct to store deliveries, which ensures that stores, and thus customers’, demands are met and sales are maximised. Our field teams can then support further by placing point-of-sales to enhance promotional awareness and to check on shelf availability.

We provide a wide range of offers, but the fundamentals are the same; identifying and preventing inaccuracies and reporting on performance levels and trends. We can provide tactical or dedicated contractual auditing solutions supported with first class technology.

Our services include:

  • Pick accuracy - Ensuring that store deliveries that leave depot have been picked correctly and stores are receiving correct orders.
  • Stock inventory - With such large investments in stock, we know how inaccurate inventories can lead to inaccurate orders and potentially increased shrinkage and disappointed customers.
  • Fixture & equipment auditing – Our Instore experience tells us how quickly the shopfloor environment can change. Knowing what equipment is in each store ensures more efficient category management and effective range changes.
  • Product audits – We can audit full delivery loads, specific suppliers or even specific product ranges, both within the supply chain and in store.
  • Returns management – We are experts at returns management within one of the most perishable product groups in store – news & magazines. We are able to remove, inventory and prepare any products for return from store.
  • Good Faith Receiving - Some retailers see GFR as the future, enabling them to reduce the size and cost of receiving teams.

Good Faith Receiving

We have a proven track record within a major national grocery retailer that has been at the forefront in establishing a ‘Good Faith Receiving’ model. The growth of Good Faith Receiving (GFR) has been borne out of the desire to have faster, more efficient and accurate order processes. Using the latest technology we are able to spot-check supplier deliveries as they arrive and provide live information, ensuring any variance data can be uploaded and processed the same day.We can support with dedicated teams of skilled auditors to review and improve process, implementing an independent and credible process which identifies inaccuracies and provides supporting evidence of performance against KPI’s.

The team are fully equipped with handheld technology to ensure accuracy is at the forefront.  We provide full visibility to clients and suppliers through a bespoke reporting portal that has been developed through extensive experience. This easy-to-use system enables our clients to access the information they want quickly and effectively.

What our clients are saying – Sainsbury's

"Instore are new to the supply chain auditing sector, we were impressed with some other workstreams they were doing for us within Sainsbury’s which is why we started working with them on the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) project. Their work has been to a very high standard and their responses to requests and challenges have always been very positive and delivered in a timely manner."

Steve Kennewell
Deliveries Liaison Manager, Sainsbury's