Our supply chain auditing service is popular with customers with high-value stock, especially those operating on sale or return basis.

Working alongside retailers and suppliers we provide a range of supply chain, inventory and auditing services that are proven to drive benefits and ultimately increase profitability.

We can check all elements of the supply chain from supplier deliveries and pick accuracy to store receipt checking and returns management. Whatever it is we are checking, the fundamentals are the same; identifying and preventing inaccuracies and reporting on performance levels and trends.
We can provide tactical or regular contractual solutions, and all services are supported with first-class technology.

Instore provide supply chain auditing

Our Auditing team is here for you when you need them. Our team members are fully equipped with handheld technology to ensure accuracy is at the forefront. We provide full visibility to clients and suppliers through a bespoke reporting portal- this easy-to-use system enables our clients to access the information they want quickly and effectively. Get in touch today to get help with your auditing.

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Our auditing services include

pick accuracy

Pick Accuracy

Ensuring that deliveries that leave depot have been picked correctly and stores are receiving correct orders.

stock inventory

Stock Inventory

With such large investments in stock, we know how inaccurate inventories can lead to inaccurate orders and potentially increased shrinkage and disappointed customers.

fixture equipment auditing

Fixture & Equipment Auditing

Experience tells us how quickly the shop floor environment can change. Knowing what equipment is in each store ensures more efficient category management and effective range changes.

product auditing

Product Auditing

We can audit full delivery loads, specific suppliers or even specific product ranges, both within the supply chain and in store.

returns management

Returns Management

We are experts at returns management within one of the most perishable product groups in store – news & magazines. We are able to remove, inventory and prepare any products for return from store.

good faith recieving

Good Faith Receiving (GFR)

Some retailers see GFR as the future, enabling them to reduce the size and cost of goods-in teams.

The Instore team members are fully equipped with handheld technology to ensure accuracy is at the forefront. We provide full visibility to clients and suppliers through a bespoke reporting portal- this easy-to-use system enables our clients to access the information they want quickly and effectively.


We understand that accurate information is essential to the return on your investment.

That’s why we have a full range of reports for all our customers, including real-time reporting that’s driven by data capture from the hand-held devices used by all our colleagues. Having the data is one thing; useful and timely information is another.

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98% customer satisfaction

We’re proud to say we consistently deliver on our KPIs

Case Studies

We have worked with Instore for a number of years and the service level that they provide is extremely high. We are so pleased that they have now taken sole responsibility of our merchandising needs as this will now allow us to improve on our operation efficiencies and ways of working.

“Instore have provided us with best in class service over the last 3 years in Sainsbury’s. They have worked flexibly supported our key collections whilst showcasing their expertise in the category. The approach they deploy in store gives us the confidence that our products are represented to a high level and the live reporting demonstrates this every time… professional and results driven which is why we choose them”

“Classic Sign and Design have used a number of merchandising companies to install our sticker range into a large number of discount retailers and garden centres in the UK. Instore stand out from the rest as a breath of fresh air , they react rapidly to our requirements . Present the results and problems rapidly , often in real time while the merchandiser is still in store . I could go on but can sum it up by saying they are a pleasure to deal with and our search for the perfect merchandising company is over.”

“We’ve been working with Instore over the last 6 months to grow our sales and drive awareness of the Carabao brand across various retailers. Both of which we have achieved and will continue to do so ongoing. Instore have been hugely supportive and have offered significant insight into the independent retailer arena – the team are flexible, professional and hugely energised to ensure we are reactive in the FMCG shopping environment. Considering the size of the overall business the one to one service is exceptional, really makes you feel part of the Smiths family. We couldn’t ask for more!”

“We’ve worked closely with Instore across a number of retailers for a number of years. Most recently Sainsbury’s, and Instore have been one of the driving forces of our promotional success in store – print, production and placement of POS and product of our key activity has been delivered to the highest of standards. They know the retailer, they are experts in the category and they strive for great results. Above that the team are committed, professional and open always to a challenge or new idea. We will continue to support this unique business.”

“We at H. Bauer have been publishing puzzle magazines for the past 25 years. Most recently with increasing pressure on space at retail, in fixture units have become a key part of our trading agreements and these units need to be walked in and merchandised in fixture to ensure they actually get placed correctly. We have been carrying out this activity across a number of merchandisers and retailers over the past 7 years. We recently asked Instore to carry out this work for us in a number of Tesco stores and were thrilled with the results. We saw a compliance level of 99% which is by far and away the most successful campaign I have ever been a part of. To date we would normally consider 80% compliance levels to be good so we were delighted with 99%! From start to finish Instore made the whole process of managing this activity on our behalf stress free, I really did feel that they had understood our goal and were striving to achieve it for us. When I have used other providers in the past this has not been the case. It made a nice change to not be constantly worried or feeling the need to keep calling to check on the progress, so I would like to thank the team at Instore for this. I will definitely be using Instore merchandising in the future and will be recommending them to all my colleagues within the Bauer Group and the wider magazine industry.“

“Instore are new to the supply chain auditing sector. We were impressed with some other workstreams they were doing for us within Sainsbury’s which is why we started working with them on the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) project. Their work has been to a very high standard and their responses to requests and challenges have always been very positive and delivered in a timely manner.”

Drawing on years of experience we can offer campaign advice and supply competitive quotes. Whatever your enquiry you’re guaranteed a quick and professional response.